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Mind's Eye Founder: Sara Renae Holloway 


Spring 2021:

Mind's Eye Art Studio & Collective was born out of a desire to cultivate a space where students can come together and explore art in an inspiring environment without judgement or pressure. Shortly after the neighborhood art school that she managed suddenly closed, Sara saw and heard firsthand how it negatively impacted the community. No longer having a gallery/studio space for art-minded individuals to commune, create, and connect, there was an absence felt and echoed. She was emboldened by all the empty storefronts and windows across her neighborhood. The possibilities were endless. Sara decided to finally pursue her dream of opening her own space out of an innate responsibility to provide her students and the community with access to genuine, quality art education centered around expression, process, and individuality.


"I have been teaching in Chicago for15 years and I have personally witnessed what's been missing in most all art programs. Where's the experimentation and passion? Where's the excitement about the process? Technique is important but I think sometimes we've been taught to put too much emphasis on a final, "beautiful" or "good/bad" artwork that we often lose sight of how important the journey can be. Art is about connection, intuition, and confidence just as much as it is about techniques and skill. My main goal as an educator has always been to create a warm, supportive environment where students of all ages can feel inspired and welcome."

Sara Renae Holloway is a contemporary painter, mixed-media artist, curator, mentor, and educator currently living and working in Lincoln Square, Chicago, Illinois. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. Sara also received an Illinois State CPS certification with a Type 10 endorsement in Visual Arts and Special Education. 


Since 2005, Sara has taught, managed and developed fine art curriculum for a handful of Chicago independent art studios (Unicoi, Paintbrush, One Strange Bird), several CPS/Chicago Charter schools, as well as for The School Of The Art Institute-Young Artist Studio program. She was the Director Of Education at One River School Of Art + Design in Lincoln Square for two years before it abruptly closed in January, 2021.

"For me, art is not just about learning how to draw or paint but is always intrinsically connected to taking chances and trusting oneself to experiment and make "mistakes" along the way. My whole teaching practice and process as an Artist/Educator/Mentor is to be 100% genuine in my ability to facilitate a safe and creative environment for confidence building. That's what I truly believe art is all about...confidence."

Mind's Eye Art Studio is set to open for in-person classes August 2021.
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